Adding Pictures from the Internet into a Power View Report

A cool feature of Power View is that it allows you add pictures from the web into your dataset to make your reports more visually appealing. The way to do this is pretty straightforward:

1. In Excel create a new sheet

2. Create a column with the ID or unique name of the field/attribute for which you want to add an image (for example, your office’s City).

3. Copy the URLs for the images you want to associate with each field into an adjacent column

PowerView Image URLs.png

4. Import your data into Power Pivot. You can do this by clicking on “Add to Datal Model” under the PowerPivot tab. (Note: you will need to have an existing PowerPivot model in your workbook first). For a tutorial on how to create a Power Pivot model see: Create your first PowerPivot Workbook.

PowerPivot Add to Data Model.png

5. Link your new PowerPivot tab to your data model

6. Change the data type for your URLs to “Image URL” by going to the Advanced tab, and choosing “Image URL” from the Data Category drop-down menu

PowerPivot Set ImageURL.png

7. Now you are ready to add the images to your PowerView report. A good way to display these is as a Card. You can do this by changing your table format to Card (Under Design tab -> Table -> Card). That’s it!

PowerView Image Cards.png

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